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We stock Bricks and Brick Pavers from all the major suppliers, including Ibstock, Hanson, Baggeridge, Terca and Formpave, Our Brick Yard in Swindon and our two in Bristol have the largest range of Bricks, Pavers and Special Shapes in the Region, with hundreds of different types in Stock - including handmade and reclaim bricks for decorative work and interior design.

Clay Brick Types

(i) Engineering

Engineering bricks have high compressive strength and low water absorption properties. They are rated as either class A or B, with A being the strongest and they are ideal for use below ground level and for Damp proof courses. The Matching Brick Company keeps stocks of red and blue engineers (see facing bricks below)
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(ii) Common Bricks

Common bricks have low compressive strength and are of lower quality than engineering or facing bricks as no attempt is made to control their colour or appearance. They should not be used below ground and are generally used for internal brickwork only.
The term "frogged common" is sometimes used as a generic term for "flettons" or LBC faced commons. These are bricks that have a common coloured base and then have different face colours added.
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(iii) Facing Bricks

Facing bricks give a building its aesthetic appearance and are designed to be used externally against internal block work or brickwork to provide an attractive 'face'. They are by far the most popular type of brick and come in a huge variety of colours and sizes. We have broken these down into there most common descriptive types.
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Types of Clay Facing Bricks

a) Wirecut

The majority of bricks in the UK are formed using this process. First, clay is extruded through a brick-shaped die, the appearance of the brick can then be determined by the addition of sand or texturing the face. The resultant clay column is then cut into individual bricks and fired in a kiln. They produce crisp lines and sharper looking brickwork.
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b) Stock Bricks

Stock bricks are machine moulded bricks generally with a frog indent, formed by pressing wet clay into sanded moulds. The use of sand to release the bricks from the mould contributes to their soft texture and slightly irregular shape. Stock bricks produce a softer appearance
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c) Waterstruck

These are moulded bricks released from the mould by water. They are solid bricks, containing no holes or frogs. The use of water together with the wetness of the clay produces a smooth and lipped edge.
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Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed bricks have, by definition, been reclaimed from demolition sites - some may be handmade bricks, some other types of facing brick, others may be engineers. Their edges are typically worn and irregular and a number may have remnants of mortar on due to their original use. Many will have fine creases, characteristic folds and variations in colour that typify old brickwork. It is this combination which some feel gives "Reclaims" a charm and character all of their own. By virtue of their age the vast majority of Reclaimed Bricks are in Imperial dimensions. The Matching Brick Company stocks a range of reclaimed bricks in each of its yards.
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Imperial-Sized Bricks

As well as Reclaimed Bricks, The Matching Brick Company stocks a range of new bricks in Imperial size (normally 73mm or 75mm). Other imperial-sized bricks are obtainable to order.
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Special Shapes

A wide variety of Bricks are available in Special Shapes or sizes to compliment or contrast with all facing bricks. The MBC stocks a large range of special shapes in smooth red and blue, and can obtain any special shape to order. We also offer a cut and bond service which is ideal for creating angles for conservatory bases etc.


As the name suggests, handmade bricks are literally made by a person throwing clay into a mould by hand. This produces the distinctive creases or "smiles" that charecterise handmade bricks. Once all bricks were made this way and although a few traditional handmade brickworks still exist, the cost of producing bricks by this method is prohibitive so more often nowadays this process is done by a machine. These are prestige facing bricks adding style, individuality and character to any project. The MBC stocks a wide range of handmade bricks.
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